At times, there are moments where I struggle to be honest, both in front of people and myself. My heart and my head frequently clash, especially at this point in life (I just turned 25, eek!) where I feel crucial decisions need to be made. Decisions about career, relationships, family life, travel etc., everything seems like a rush with little time and this adrenaline that I cannot seem to shake off. The second half of the year has rushed by quickly and I found myself writing a list of goals yesterday that I’m rushing to achieve by the end of the year. We all have the same 24 hours in a day so why do I keep feeling like I never have enough time?

Ever since the idea of Atarlo was born in that small room in Hong Kong, it has been an idea that I can’t stop thinking about. I remember it being a thought that would keep me up at night, wanting to jump ahead at this opportunity that I felt was presented right in front of me. Fast forward a year and as usual, things seem to have taken priority. What is so interesting is that when I get asked the question, “How is the blog going?”, I find myself talking about how much uni is consuming my time and that I need to lock down my career first before I can really move forward. And now that I’m writing my thoughts down, I ask myself, “Am I being honest with myself? or even with my friends?”. It’s so easy to make excuses in life, easy to push things aside in order to focus on something like study or work. That’s when people find themselves saying, “I wish I did that when I was younger or I wish I had the courage to pursue my dream”. Those are the thoughts that kick started this journey to be the most creative person I could be and to not be afraid to follow a dream. I hope that through writing these thoughts down, I can remind myself and inspire others that there is always time in the day to try something new. There is time to design clothes, to sketch, to pick materials and to explore the world of design. This generation is bound for adventure, madness and creativity. I am excited to put things on my plate even if it spills over the edge, to not be afraid and most of all, be honest with myself.

Xx Tracy

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