I had this conversation with one of my bestest friends about how ridiculous it is that at the age of 17, we’re pressured to figure out what we’re meant to spend the rest of our lives doing and expected to love every minute of it. In a society that is so competitive and judgmental, I understand how much pressure we feel to live a certain way or to fulfil goals by a certain age. Sometimes, it is important to not forget what drives us on the inside and to not let routine overshadow our capabilities. Society can pressure us to be so logical that we tend to lose creativity or vision to step outside of the comfort zone. 

There’s definitely been times when I’ve thought about merging into other industries, but no one ever really talks about that in our 20s because it’s not expected. We’re so focused on trying to make our lives perfect through social media and whatnot that we forget we’re human beings in the end. Well, I do at least. One thing that I would hate to see is talent or ideas being wasted for the sake of living life a certain way just to please people around us. In the end, we only regret what we don’t do (as corny as it sounds), but it’s true! Spend a month travelling if its what you’ve always wanted to do or go back to uni to study something completely different. It’s never too late to try something new. 

No one is perfect. I’m certainly not. We all want different things in life; some want to settle down early, some want to travel the world. It’s important to realise that we shouldn’t ever doubt ourselves simply because we all have different aspirations. If there’s anything that you’ve always wanted to try but scared to do, give it a go! And don’t be afraid, fear kills more dreams than failure ever will!

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Xx Tracy

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